Top Tips for Making Home Cooking Easier

At Pezzo D’Italia we understand that cooking at home can sometimes feel like a chore. We have put together some top tips for making home cooking easier and more enjoyable.

Prepare a food diary for the week

Plan your dinners for each day. Thinking ahead will help you look forward to cooking and eating meals that you know you will enjoy. Not only will this save you time but it can also help you save money as it will reduce impulse buying.

Choose meals you love!

This should be something you do regardless of our tips. Eating food that you enjoy will actively help you look forward to the cooking. If you are forcing yourself to eat foods you do not enjoy, stop and ask yourself why, and is it worth it? Food is something that should be enjoyed, it should not feel like a chore or be something you have negative feelings towards. 

Try new food and research recipes

If you find yourself feeling stuck in the same routine one of our best tips for making home cooking easier is to switch things up a bit! Try something new! It can be easy to cook the same meals over and over because you like them or just because they are meals that you already know. However, mixing it up and trying new recipes now and then can give you some great new meals to add to your repertoire. Trying a new online recipe or perhaps following a food delivery box recipe can make things easy and exciting.

Plan your food shop

This ties in pretty well with our first point. By setting out your meals for the week ahead you can save money when doing your food shopping by only buying the ingredients you actually need. Impulse buying, if you are not prepared, will either leave you short on food and you will have to go to the shops again later in the week, or you will spend too much by buying lots of random things that you “might” want to have.

Set aside time

Know your recipes and how long you need to cook each of your meals. Make sure that on each night of the week, you leave enough time to cook and eat your meals. We can all be a little guilty sometimes of overworking or perhaps cramming too many activities into the day leaving yourself no time to cook a proper meal. Quick dinners such as ready meals, cup soups, or packet noodles are high in fats and salt and are overall not something you should incorporate into your diet too often. Your body will thank you more for cooking fresh, varied meals.

Get your ingredients out

Be prepared! Another tip to make your cooking easier is to get your ingredients out and prepare them so that you are ready to start cooking. Do you need to chop up veg? Have you got to measure out flour or stock? Having these little things done before you start can help save you time and make the cooking process much easier.

Cook with someone or to music

Everything is always more fun when you have someone to share it with! Try cooking with a friend, loved one, your family, your kids! Whoever it is, having a cooking night with another person can make things so much more fun. Plus, an extra pair of hands will help speed things up.

We hope you find our tips for making home cooking easier helpful. 

Bonus tip!

If you want to have a night off of cooking, why not treat yourself to a nice dinner out?

All our food at Pezzo D’Italia is cooked fresh and is made to order guaranteeing you a tasty meal.

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