The History of Italian Food

In today’s day in age, Italian cuisine features dishes that retain the pre-roman era taste. We Italians even have a Roman cookbook, dating back to the first century B.C! 

Each region developed its own distinctive style of cooking and a formalised menu based on the local ingredients and the lifestyle of the people living there.

Tuscan Beef is an item belonging to the north of Italy, whereas black truffles originated in the Marches. 

The south of Italy is popular for its rich growth of citrus fruits and mozzarella.  Pizza originated from Naples, tortellini from Bologna, and Milan is famous for risotto

We Italians have adopted a lot of our recipes from ancient Greek cookery. With Roman ships bringing back wheat, fine spices, and other exotic ingredients, Italians added new imports to their kitchens.

Italians even got their ingredients from overseas from as far as China.

When you enjoy cooking, you become acquainted with ingredients and flavours with a pleasurable delight. You get to know how they mix with each other, which type of scent their fragrance produces, and how they will taste once they touch your tongue.

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We thank all of the cultural influences that helped create these stunning recipes that we sell today!

As well as the regional characteristics, we also have our mammas to thank, for the recipes that have been passed down with care, love, and pride.

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