Delightful Dining Experience


“A Delightful Dining Experience”


Last weekend we had an exciting visitor at Pezzo D’Italia. A UK Twitch streamer visited our restaurant with a group of friends. She has left us a review of her “Delightful Dining Experience”.

“When you first approach Pezzo D’Italia it is a beautiful little Italian restaurant situated on the corner of the street opposite a park. You have a choice of indoor or outdoor seating which is perfectly sheltered as well for all seasons.

The hosts gave us a warm and friendly greeting which made us all feel welcomed as guests. The service was classy and attentive. Our drinks were brought to us quickly and were delicious! Our group favourite was the passion fruit bellini cocktail, the fresh, zestiness was exquisite and a perfect way to begin our meal.

We came with large appetites and wanted to try a range of items from the menu to have a thorough dining experience. Our order consisted of various starters including their warm, melt in the mouth garlic bread with mozzarella cheese, as well as the delicious, fresh bruschetta on homemade ciabatta. The flavours in these dishes alone would’ve been more than enough to bring me back in!

Next up we all wanted to try out the incredible range of paninis they have on the menu. My personal favourite was the tomato, mozzarella and pesto panini served with a fresh rocket salad. The pesto combined with the juicy tomatoes and mozzarella was divine!

Onto the mains! We ordered a variety of homemade pasta and handcrafted pizzas. On one side of the table, they had fresh Pappardelle with bolognese, across the table they had a classic Margherita pizza, as for me, I had the Bucatini pasta with Napoli sauce. We all tried a bit of each others food and I simply didn’t have a single bad thing to say about any of the dishes!

Even after having starters and paninis I still polished off the full dish of Napoli pasta. It was so delicious I couldn’t leave any! At this point, I think we were all about to burst! Bellies full of wine, cocktails, coffee and incredible food we were delighted. Our leftover pizza was boxed up ready for us to enjoy the next day.

I will certainly have to return to try out their desserts, I must say I had my eye on chocolate fondant cake! Overall, I couldn’t fault any part of the dining experience, the food was a straight-up 10/10, the service was excellent, and the atmosphere was just right for a delicious dinner out with friends.

One final touch that I loved towards the end of the night was the change in lighting to be a little more intimate and lowered to relax you into the evening. I hope to be dining at Pezzo D’Italia again soon!

Thank you very much to the chefs and waiting staff, you were superb!”

It was a pleasure to host this wonderful dining group.

If you would like to come in and try out our authentic Italian cuisine be sure to book yourself a table here.