Best sights to see before your meal at Pezzo D’Italia

Pezzo D’Italia is located in the heart of Islington, London which is home to many quirky bars, theatres and vintage stores. 

Whether you’ve been to London many times or visiting for the first, local places nearby are definitely worth checking out!

Here are some of the top sights to see in Islington before or after your tasty Italian meal at Pezzo D’Italia

Almeida Theatre

Almeida theatre is such a small venue with a huge international reputation. This is the first, exclusive place to watch plays before they hit the West End.

Almeida theatre is aiming to launch the next generation of British stardom onto the stage, and it’s achieving just that.  

High calibre talent is regularly attracted here, including world-renowned actors and visionary directors. 

The Bill Murray

Comedy nights take place every night across two venues; the Camden Head and The Bill Murray, which are known for being some of the best comedy clubs in London. 

The Bill Murray regularly hosts comedy nights from some of the biggest names, looking to test out their comedy content before they branch out elsewhere which is very exciting! 

A fun fact about the Bill Murray, is they believe everyone deserves to see comedy, which is why they don’t expect anyone to pay on entry (you can pay what you think it’s worth, and what you can afford). 

Regent’s Canal

The Regent’s Canal runs for 8.6 miles, including straight through Islington. However, for the most part, this is underground. 

You could amble along the beautiful picturesque stretch of towpath west of the Canal Museum, which beckons you into a preserved 19th-century industrial landscape. 

This is a perfect walk for history lovers, or anyone wanting to have a chilled out walk with some very stunning views! 

The Estorick Collection

The Estorick Collection is the only museum in Britain to showcase modern Italian artwork. 

This collection is best known for its outstanding core of futuristic works, featuring artists whose goals were to develop an aesthetic based on today’s modern life and technology. 

This collection is definitely worth taking a look at if you’re in the Islington area. It will give you an insight into some of Italy’s famous history whilst seeing some of the talented works of Italians.

Camden Passage

Since the 1950s, Camden Passage has made a name for itself as one of London’s antiques hotspots.

This magnificent London street is full of many exciting things to definitely take a look at. 

This street is filled with quaint shops including vintage and contemporary shops, outdoor markets as well as cafes and bars. 

Let us know what you plan to do when you next visit London

And, of course, don’t forget to book a table at Pezzo D’Italia for some gorgeous authentic Italian dishes. 

We look forward to seeing you and hearing about your adventures in and around Islington, London.