Best Pizza in London

London is a vast and crowded city full of incredible things to see and plenty of places to eat! At Pezzo D’Italia we value freshness and flavour above all else. We want you to walk away knowing you have just eaten the best pizza in London.

So what makes our pizza so special?

Firstly, our Pezzo D’Italia Pizza dough.


All of our dough is freshly prepared and made with our ‘not so secret recipe’ which we recently shared for you to try at home. We only use high quality, fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Our chefs value the local community and we do our best to support small businesses like us by buying locally.

Secondly, we make authentic Italian pizzas. 


Italy is the home of pizza and we stay true to this with our pizza menu. Our head chef trained in Italy and learned how important it the origins are of this delicious food.

50 years ago pizza was a novelty in London, now you can find it on almost every street. It was important to us when we opened and created our menu to stay true to the authenticity of the Italian roots.

Thirdly, we have so much to choose from!


We have 14 incredible pizzas to choose from with a variety of toppings. From your classic Margherita to a cheesy Quattro Formaggi, to the taste sensation of the Valtellina.

One thing you won’t see on any of our options…pineapple! You won’t find a single pineapple in sight.

All of our recipes are created from classic Italian ingredients such as cured meats, fresh salad, mushrooms, olives, and of course, the finest quality cheeses.

Next up, we always cook to order.


Fresh food is our muse. If it's not fresh we won’t serve it. Any good chef knows the best pizza is cooked to order with fresh ingredients to achieve the best quality.

Whether you are dining in or treating yourself to a takeaway, we take pride in cooking our pizzas as soon as that order hits our kitchen.

Finally, our pizza is available across London.


Our beautiful little restaurant is tucked away in Islington, we know that some of you like to dine in, some like a treat for home, or perhaps we’re fully booked but need your fix of Pezzo D’Italia pizza! Don’t worry, our mouthwatering pizza is available for collection or delivery, order on Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats.

Whilst we love that our pizza can travel all across London to reach you, we do of course always recommend dining in for the best experience.

Book a table with us today or order online to try the best pizza in London!