Best drinks to have with your Italian meal at Pezzo D’Italia

Ever wondered what the best drinks are to have with your Italian meal at Pezzo D'Italia?

We always talk about our favourite dishes here at Pezzo D’Italia, and which dishes you should try.

However, there has been very little talk about the drinks which serve up a storm right here within our restaurant. 

Our top flavour connoisseur, food blogger, and all-around queen of tastebuds, Lauren is here to tell you all about her favourite drinks to accommodate her meals whenever she visits Pezzo D’Italia. 

She says ‘it’s always best to have a good ol’ glass of tap water alongside your meal, so you can truly indulge into the flavour adventures which thrive in your dish’. 

When eating creamy sauce filled pasta dishes, Lauren advises that ‘chardonnay lends itself well to pairing, especially with Pezzo D’Italia’s gorgeously tasteful Cacio e Pepe.’ 

‘Chardonnay has such a clean, crisp taste that it compliments any heavy pasta dish so well.’ She continues. 

Light and crisp dishes, such as salads need a light refreshing drink to coincide, to not overpower the simple tastes and flavours. 

Lauren advises that ‘when eating salads, such as the amazing Caprese Salads served at Pezzo D’Italia, you need to be having sparkling juices and infused soft drinks.

These complement light meals. Consider lightly fruity based drinks with subtle soft undertones.’

Pizza is already such a simple dish packed with flavour, but what drinks are best to accompany it, and bring out all of the flavour goodness? 

‘Dry, aromatic wines, lager and lightly refreshing fruity soft drinks are best alongside a comforting pizza.’ Lauren claims. 

As pizza is already such a heavy, carb-filled dish, ‘it’s important to refresh the palate whilst enhancing the flavour delivery.’ Lauren mentions. 

At Pezzo D’Italia, we have a range of pizzas, and refreshing soft drinks which are a match made in heaven! 

Try our range of refreshing mocktails here at Pezzo D’Italia when you next try one of our delicious pizzas.

Now it’s time to speak about everyone’s favourite part of a meal- dessert! 

Having a hot beverage with a dessert has always been a very popular tradition for many people. 

Many restaurants offer a hot drink with a dessert, as this ‘creates a warm, comforting feeling, which helps you relax and indulge in the wonders of life, whilst enjoying a delicious dessert.’

Lauren advises that ‘It is recommended to either pair your dessert with a drink which is sweeter to help bring out all of the flavours, or choose a more bitter-tasting drink which contrasts the flavours’. 

When you next visit Pezzo D’Italia, why don’t you try out some of these top tips? 

Give it a go, and let us know if it makes any changes to how your meal tastes, hopefully for the better! 

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