Perfect pasta is hard to come by.

Dining out at Pezzo D’Italia we guarantee you freshness and high-quality food and service every time you visit.

But…what if you want to dine in high-class Italian fashion in the comfort of your own home?

Italy is of course first and foremost famous for its delicious pasta. So, how do you cook pasta to perfection at home?

Our chefs are sharing our family tips with you on how to achieve Pezzo Perfect Pasta!

  1. If you are able to choose between fresh or dry pasta, always go for fresh! The difference in quality is huge. If you know how to make your own pasta, that is even better!

2. Always use a large based saucepan to cook your pasta. Using a pot that is too small will result in unevenly cooked pasta and it will be more likely to stick together. Using a large pan that gives the pasta enough room to move will help it cook faster and more evenly.

3. Whether you are using fresh, homemade, or dry pasta, check the cooking times! Pasta comes in all different shapes and sizes, fresh, dry, all these things affect how long your pasta will need to boil. Don’t assume they are all the same otherwise you could end up with crunchy or soggy pasta.

4. Ratios…we are all guilty of cooking pasta in a rush, chucking the pasta in the pot, filling it with water and adding a pinch of salt is the easy way. But it is not the right way. For perfectly cooked pasta you need 1 litre of boiling water for every 100g of pasta should be cooked in 1 litre of boiling water. You should season the water with 6g of salt 30 seconds before you add the pasta to the water.

5. Keep an eye on your pasta. When it comes to pasta, the phrase “A watched pot never boils” can be thrown out the window. It’s important to stay with your pasta while it cooks, or at least stay close by. Your pot could boil over, or could not be boiling at all… Either way, keeping tabs on your pasta and tasting it near the end of the timer will help you to achieve that perfect level of ‘al dente’.

6. Serve hot and fresh! As in Italy, pasta is always best served immediately after cooking. Locking in the flavour, freshness and warmth. Nothing beats freshly served pasta so you should enjoy it accordingly.

Another little tip is that it is worth paying for the nicer brands as opposed to your cheaper ‘value’ brands. Whilst it’s not always an option for everyone, the quality does make a difference. Try it sometime and see if you enjoy the change.

Of course, to top it off and complete your perfect pasta dish serve with your favourite source. When in doubt, a classic tomato sauce will never fail you!

Hopefully, these tips help you improve your at-home Italian cooking skills.

What other tips would you like from us next?

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