When you think of the best wines in the world, Italy should definitely be in your top rankings! Italy has been one of the world’s largest producers of wine for years, and they have certainly perfected their technique and recipes. We are going to look at some of our best Italian wine choices.

To make it a fair list we’ll pick 3 white and 3 red wines.

We will start off with a classic that every wine lover should have heard of…

Pinot Grigio. However, we’re not just looking at any pinot grigio. This particular white wine is very popular due to its low average cost, and can sometimes get a bad reputation as being ‘cheap tasting’. This is only the case if you don’t know the difference between the various types and brands of pinot grigio.

We have chosen the Bottega Vinai Pinot Grigio.

This may be a little more than your average bottle of pinot, but spending that extra pound or two can really make a difference in quality. If you’re looking for a cheap ‘get drunk’ wine then by all means stick to the cheap ones. But, if you want a good tasting Italian white then this is the one to go for that won’t break the budget too much. 

The Bottega Vinia is made in the Trentino region. This beautiful light white wine is packed full of delicious tones of apple, grapefruit, and some floral and herb notes with a slight acidity from the fruit. We would pair this with one of our lighter dishes. The light body and flavours match beautifully with salads, light starters, or pasta dishes.

With an average supermarket price of £10, you’ll love us for recommending this.

Next up for a delicious fruity white wine, we have the Adnams Roero Arneis DOCG

One of the wonderfully unique factors about this wine is that the producers use eco-friendly and sustainable methods to grow their wine grapes. The Adnams Roero wine is made in Piedmont’s Roero. The light fruity flavours include juicy apple, apricots, lime and melon.

Similarly to the Pinot, this wine works wonderfully with lighter Italian dishes such as salads or pasta.

With an average supermarket price of £14, this wine will excite your taste buds.

For our final white wine choice, we are heading inland Naples for the Greco di Tufo.

The Italian Greco wines are delectable and we would happily recommend multiple different ones, but for our best Italian wines list, it has to be this one!

This white wine boasts herbaceous tones mixed with fresh pear characters. As white wines go it is quite a dry but uplifting tone. We would highly recommend pairing this bottle with a fish dish such as crab, prawns, or lobster. Or for the vegetarians out there we would also recommend trying this with a light, herby or vegetable-based risotto.

At an average of £8 a bottle this wine is an absolute must-try.

Onto the reds!

We must admit, it was extremely difficult to narrow down the incredible number of top tier Italian red wines as we love so many of them.

Alas, we had to choose. So, here we have our top red wine recommendations for the best Italian wines.

Choosing just one variant of the Italian Red Amarone was extremely tough, we had some mixed recommendations amongst our chefs. However, they have agreed upon the Tommasi Amarone Della Valpolicella.

This particular variety of Amarone wine is like a luxury velvet flow. This full-bodied red is made from the delicious grape variety, Corvina Rondinella, and is grown and produced in the northeastern region of Veneto.

This rich red pairs beautifully with cured meats, particularly red meat such as beef. For vegetarians, we would recommend any dish with a focus on parmesan to cut through this intense flavour.

You will find that any Amarone wine will be on the more expensive side. But, with that higher price tag, you really do get the quality you pay for.

An average bottle of Amarone will cost between £50-60. This particular variety that we have chosen is around £40.

We now have our first fizzy choice! We have chosen a Lambrusco wine.

These lightly fizzy red wines are popular during summer for relaxing outside with a garden party or bbq. 

Our specific bottle choice is the Vigna del Cristo, Lambrusco di Sorbara DOC, Cavicchioli & Figli.

This beautiful, intense fizzy red has stunning red fruity flavours. With a mixture of strawberries and red currants, this wine will certainly tingle your palate. 

You may find that a slightly more aged Lambrusco may be more your style if you are more of a luxury wine drinker. However, for us, this particular choice is perfect both as a starter or dessert wine with light antipasti sharers, or fruity desserts.

The Vigna del Cristo variety of Lambrusco can be bought for an average of £16.

Finally, our best Italian wines list would not be complete without a nice Chianti.

This classic Italian red has grown in quality over the years, the rich, dry, fruitiness of this wine can be paired beautifully with almost any dish. Its versatility is one of the main reasons why we had to choose this! 

We recommend the Chianti Classico Villa Antinori Riserva. This particular bottle is not too expensive, yet it is just enough so that you know you will be enjoying a high-quality taste.

The Chianti Classico is a medium body, dry red wine with rich tones of cherry and earthy undertones. Grown from Sangiovese grapes in the central region of Tuscany, it’s no surprise that this wine is continually growing in quality and popularity.

The price range for Chianti wine is quite vast. Our advice would be to research the reviews as well as balancing how much you are happy to spend. Our particular choice of bottle averages at around £24.

Honourable mentions have to go to Barolo & Barbaresco wines. The only reason we didn’t put these luxurious wines on our list is simply due to their higher price. They are certainly some of the best Italian wines that Italy has to offer, there is no doubt about that! 

However, for us, they are definitely more on the expensive side and are undoubtedly for special occasions as you will generally find yourself spending £50 or more for a good quality bottle.

What are your favourite Italian wines? 

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